Paxen Programs

student walkingAt Paxen Learning Corporation, we change lives. It’s that simple—and significant. After all, those three words—We Change Lives—are both part of our corporate slogan and our corporate DNA.


Each year, thousands of students across the nation participate in and graduate from Paxen Learning’s innovative educational programs. In so doing, they receive invaluable training in core areas involving key academic, life, and career skills.


Our reputation for excellence is exceeded only by our level of caring for our students, some of whom now work for us. Every student in a Paxen program receives hands-on training and personal attention through individualized and small-group instruction that build both learner skills and confidence. In our outcome-based approach, instructors use customized curricula to frequently monitor, test, and evaluate our students and fine-tune their progress.


Each year, we help thousands of learners secure their GED® credential and place many others in highly competitive jobs—even in times of economic distress—through key partnerships with leading organizations that result in opportunities for apprenticeships and professional certifications.


Academic Skills Academic enrichment Literacy and numeracy gains
Credit recovery High school diploma
GED® test preparation Equivalency certificate
Delinquency Services Healthy choices Risk aversion
Personal responsibility Independent living
Civic awareness Community service
Workforce Development Career readiness Enhanced candidacies
Work experience Job placement
Industry-specific training Professional certification