South Carolina


For our learners ages 16 to 24 who have left school we offer accelerated GED® preparation followed by intensive work-readiness training. Our learners study for the GED Tests in a matter of only a few weeks and succeed at a rate that far exceeds the national average. They benefit from Paxen’s unique and proprietary GED Test Preparation product line, one of only three lines certified for use by the American Council on Education (ACE®), parent organization to the GED tests.


Upon completion of their GED course of study, learners in the program then transition to either pre-employment or employment training, wherein they receive instruction about best practices in seeking, securing, and succeeding in high-interest jobs.


Similarly, our in-school students receive high-quality, hands-on training and personal attention through a customized curriculum and small-group and individualized instruction. The result: Every Paxen student develops a comprehensive understanding of skills and strategies vital to independent, healthy, and responsible living.