South Carolina

South Carolina

In South Carolina, the state's slogan Smiling Faces, Beautiful Places easily could describe the hundreds of learners in Paxen’s wide-ranging educational offerings throughout the central and eastern parts of the state.


Because learning goals here are as deep as they are diverse, Paxen Learning provides an array of programs—academic enrichment, GED® preparation, and career and life skills training—tailored to meet, if not exceed, the unique needs of our learners.


Learners in our life skills programs acquire and develop meaningful skills that enable them to think critically, work effectively, and live actively and responsibly in their communities.


Those in our career programs learn strategies for seeking, securing, and succeeding in high-interest professions through a real-world approach that provides them with the knowledge—some of it industry-specific—and skills they need to stand out amid a competitive job market. Our staff members then collaborate with area employers to place learners in high-demand industries and on pathways to lasting career success.


Those learners who lack a high school diploma enroll in a leading GED preparation program in which they receive expert and individualized instruction in each of the four functional areas that together comprise the GED tests.